About Us

About_usThe British World Charity organization was founded in Republic of Moldova on 15 of April 2016. Our mission is to help everyone anywhere: we offer different types of help for vulnerable population groups of your country. The British World Charity is a non-governmental organization with staff, volunteers and supporters all over the world. The British World Charity is non-political and a non-religious affiliated organization and is not affiliated with any other interest outside of charity.

The British World Charity provides different types of help in Republic of Moldova for many reasons. Today exists a huge amount of diverse charity organizations, acting all around the world, but not Moldova.  Your country is a small state in the heart of Europe nobody knows about. We detected a lot of different social problems that need to be solved as soon as possible. We are talking about human rights of older persons, fighting unemployment, helping single mothers and supporting human rights in Moldova. There are a lot more difficulties and tasks we want to fight and help to resolve in your country.

The main reason we founded The British World Charity in Republic of Moldova was Human Rights Council resolution 21/23, contributed to current situation of human rights of older persons. We found out that demographic specialists predict that Moldova will not differ from the general trends of European societies, being in demographic instability in the perspective of several decades – in the best case, or maybe centuries.

Only in the last 20 years, the average age of population increased by almost 5 years, life expectancy by about 3 years, and the growth of proportion of the adult population by 60 years and over in parallel with the decrease in the proportion of young people under 15 years, denotes a pronounced demographic imbalance. Critical threshold of aging coefficient of 12% (percentage of 60 years old persons and over of total population) were still hit in 1988, reaching in 2011 a value of 14.8%. Another important detail: in Republic of Moldova operates very few charity organizations.

Then we started research about other fields of social life and made conclusion, that The British World Charity could provide real help for vulnerable groups of Moldova’s society. All our staff and volunteers are well experienced and have worked in many countries all around the world.

At the moment we are developing four main projects of our charity organization in Republic of Moldova:

  • Nursing home – the Orhei branch of The British World Charity organization has built highly functional modern nursing home at the Peresecina village for older people who are single or cannot take care of themselves. For more information please visit the pages Nursing home and Orhei .
  • Fighting unemployment– the Chisinau branch and central office of The British World Charity organization offers various professional training programs and career guidance advices. For more information please visit the pages Fighting unemployment and Chisinau .
  • Help for single mothers – The British World Charity organization provides various types of help for single mother: allowances, psychological support and many other. For more information please visit the page Help for single mothers.
  • Women’s rights support – The British World Charity organization helps violated women, victims of domestic violence and fights for gender equality in Republic of Moldova. For more information please visit the page Women’s rights support.

The British World Charity organization has a 20 years of experience of а helping people worldwide: Middle East, Morocco, Egypt, South Africa and many other countries. We want to use our successful long-term experience of charity in Republic of Moldova. We have many partners, including such influential international organizations as UN and Human Rights Council.

We are here to provide all help possible and make
Republic of Moldova a better place.