The head office of The British World Charity organization is situated in Chisinau city. We arrange from here all the activities of our charity organization. Also here works professional team of various specialists, consultants and advisers with successful experience of charity movement in different countries.

The main thing we do in our Chisinau office – meeting people. We consider that meetings and talking with people who need help is the key to understanding their needs and desires. Our team do their best to provide professional guidance to everyone person in need who comes to us. We always proceed according to our organization motto: The British World Charity helps everyone anywhere.

According to our experience a simple act of communication between people in friendly environment can do more, than hours of therapy or grants. Here are a lot of professionals who will help anyone with some really good advice and inspirational techniques. Through communicating with people who are in need we decide what kind of help, we could provide, will be the best. Discussing the problems is very useful to get the person, to understand basic needs of each one seeking for help.

Also there are other methods: we always try to benefit and provide an individual approach in each case. Everyone who’s in need will receive the appropriate type of assistance no matter what.

At the moment we have four main lines of activity:

  • Nursing home – the nursing home is situated in Peresecina village (Orhei). It’s a center of care for elderly people: homeless, single, who cannot take care of themselves. We accept applications for placement in the nursing home by people from across the country, including Chisinau. Our charity organization wants to make the rest of their lives as they deserve: full of kindness and care, with regular professional medical support. For more information please visit the page Nursing home.
  • Fighting unemployment – knowing the current situation with high level of unemployment in Republic of Moldova, we offer various professional training programs and career guidance advices. Here you can also receive retraining courses for preparation to work in a related field. We use the relevant data about the most demanded professions on labour market in Republic of Moldova. For more information please visit the page Fighting unemployment.
  • Help for single mothers – our charity organization provides various assistance for single mothers. Besides monthly financial allowances, our specialists work on psychological support and other fields. Women, who appealed to us, can also obtain professional consultation on women’s health: we have a cooperation agreement with Medpark International Hospital. Women could also count on the assistance with accommodation and distribution of children in schools. For more information please visit the page Help for single mothers.
  • Women’s rights support  – our organization helps violated women and victims of domestic violence, victims of all kinds of harassment. We provide psychological assistance for social adaptation after the act of violence. The British World Charity supports gender equality and women’s economic rights: we stand for equal salary level. If necessary, you can also get a legal advice. For more information please visit the page Women’s rights support.

The British World Charity appreciates the assistance of volunteers.
You can be involved in our activities on any level: even your smile can make someone’s day better and worthy.
If you are interested, please visit the page Become a volunteer.

Contact information

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