At the Orhei The British World Charity organization has started our first charity project: The Nursing home.  The Nursing home is built in Peresecina village – it’s a modern fully equipped nursing home for elderly people of Republic of Moldova, who are homeless, single and can’t take care of themselves. It’s quite a big problem of Republic of Moldova. It’s a national center that provides care for elderly people: we accept applications for placement from across the country.

We’ve made a decision to build that Nursing home because of Human Rights Council resolution 21/23. That resolution is about situation of human rights of older persons, including deplorable situation in Republic of Moldova. We’ve found out that in Moldova are acting and providing help very few charity organizations, especially those, who offer their assistance to elderly people. That’s why we started our charity project.

At the moment, our Orhei branch is dedicated to elderly people assistance: there was developed a project of a three-storey building for the Nursing home. It’s a modern Nursing home, designed for 120 people. For beginning of our project we already have 50 candidates for staying there.

Our nursing home offers its lodgers a complete care and health assistance 24/24: there is qualified medical assistance and very friendly and kind staff. They make staying at our nursing home comfortable and cozy. Elderly people will feel there sympathy and understanding of their needs. The British World Charity has cooperation agreements with the Medpark International Hospital for regular medical examinations of our wards from Nursing home.

We are also working on entertainment programs for them, to make their life at the nursing home full of joy, like at their own homes. Our lodgers feel there like surrounded by family members they don’t have.

To sum up, The British World Charity organization try our best to make peoples life worthy and decent.

It’s just a beginning of our activities in Republic of Moldova. We have much bigger plans: for more information about our projects and activities please visit pages Our projects (link) and Branches (link). All our staff and volunteers are well experienced and have worked in many countries all around the world.

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