Help for single mothers

The British World Charity organization provides help for single mothers of Republic of Moldova.
We know how difficult it is to raise a child alone – our team has vast experience of helping to single mothers worldwide.

Our charity organization has six main lines of activities on that field:

  • Grants
  • Finding school
  • Teen mothers
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Good parenting
  • Psychological assistance

First of all, we want to talk about grants we offer to single mothers from Republic of Moldova. Due to current economic situation in country, we understand that single mothers have many problems and lack of finance. One of The British World Charity main aims is to make life of single mothers worthy and easier. That’s why we provide some financial grants for those single mothers, who are in need.

Finding and arranging children in excellent schools is our second area of activity. It’s hard for single mothers to provide their children a good education because of lack of money and time. Our charity organization is looking for suitable schools for children of single mothers. We open these children the way to a successful future and a bright career.

Teen mothers can also find any kind of help at our offices. Our specialists provide to teen single mothers special grants and benefits. Also for teen single mothers is developed a strategy of social adaptation, to help them integrate into society after pregnancy.

The British World Charity organization is familiar with the housing problems of single mothers.
The Republic of Moldova has a deep problem that requires a prompt decision. We help them to find affordable housing and any other kind of accommodation assistance. If necessary, our charity organization also provides a financial assistance for accomodation.

Good parenting is a problem for single mothers for many reasons: lack of time, lack of money, lack of education. Basics of a successful person are laid in the early stages of education. Single mothers have a lot of problems with good parenting for many reasons. Our experts offer a variety of tips on good parenting and time-tested methods. We educate single mothers from the point of view of relationship psychology and psychology of motherhood.

Psychological assistance is available to all single mothers who come to us. This is an important step for the personal growth of each single mother. We help them to overcome depression, problems with socialization and other psychological problems. Our specialists also help single mothers to successfully integrate into society.

The British World Charity can also provide help with finding job. For more information about this option,
please visit the page Fighting unemployment.

Also The British World Charity is supporting women’s rights: for more information please visit
the page Women’s rights support.