Fighting unemployment

Unemployment is a very serious problem that Republic of Moldova faces every day. The British World Charity organization is trying our best to solve this problem wisely. The main cause of unemployment is an underdeveloped economy system. The unemployment situation in Republic of Moldova became even worse after 2008 crisis and it is stagnating until now. Every day close a lot of companies of large, medium and small businesses. The current situation is catastrophic for Moldova. Hundreds of people lose their job and livelihood. The unemployment rate increased up to 4.1% in whole country.

The British World Charity has experience in the employment of people in different countries around the world. We have developed certain strategies and techniques to fight employment in Republic of Moldova, which effectiveness was proved.

At the moment, The British World Charity organization has four lines of activity for fighting unemployment:

  • Professional training programs
  • Professional retraining courses
  • Career guidance
  • Psychological assistance

Professional training programs were designed for people of various age and abilities. We collect data from official statistics institutions of Republic of Moldova on the most necessary professions. The British World Charity has a strategy of fighting unemployment by teaching people: you can become hairdresser, seamstress, cleaner, waiter and other staff.  These professions can be quickly learned and you could make a living. We always offer people in need to learn a new profession and build a happy future for themselves.

Professional retraining courses are designed for unemployed people, who already have a profession, but can’t find a job because of low level of their experience or reduction the number of vacancies in their field of work. Also professional retraining allows starting working in the related fields of activities, or starting a completely new career.

Career guidance, offered by The British World Charity, is critical not only for young people, but for everyone. Many people try out a number of options before finding out their real career niche in midlife. Effective career guidance is essential if you plan to make a wise and informed career decisions. Our charity organization can help you choose a successful career path that will save you from unemployment.

Psychological assistance is very helpful for all unemployed people, who appealed to us. Almost every unemployed person has a deep depression and disappointment in life after losing job. Many people on the background of depression begin to have some health problems. It also affects the financial situation. Our specialists help to overcome life’s challenges and even depression. Psychological assistance promotes faith in yourself. After providing a useful psychological assistance many people find a job and start a new full life.

The British World Charity actively fights the unemployment in Republic of Moldova by various methods and we already have compelling and impressive results.